Patio Doors


Patio doors, including French and sliding glass doors, range from 5 to over 12 feet in width. The selection of patio doors is as diverse as their sizes:

Sliding doors are like big picture windows. The doors are usually large panes of glass mounted in a frame with rollers. They’re manufactured from a variety of materials including:

Aluminum doors are usually the least expensive. Their all-aluminum construction won’t rust and is easily maintained.

Vinyl doors are low-maintenance and energy-efficient. The tough vinyl frames are easy-to-maintain and look new for years. Most vinyl patio doors offer low-emissive, insulated glass and factory-installed weather stripping for maximum energy efficiency.

Wood doors are normally the highest quality and the most expensive patio doors. Wood patio doors offer the same natural aesthetic qualities as traditional wood doors with the added bonus of a full view through the large pane.

Wood-clad doors are wooden doors and frames with a vinyl, fiberglass or aluminum coating on the exterior face of the door. The coating serves as an armor to protect the wood from the elements and still allows you to have the look of real wood inside.

French doors are available in the same materials as sliding glass doors and more. They’re also available in steel and fiberglass, with the same characteristics as those found in traditional entry doors of the same material. French doors are available with either left- or right-handed I/S or O/S. You can also purchase units where both doors open. These units are available with or without brick mold stops in the center.