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My Texsun Architectural Windows, also called Shaped Windows, provide you with a variety of beautiful options for your home. Whether used on their own to provide a dash of light, or in conjunction with any of the other My Texsun window styles, these Replacement Architectural Windows will accent any room you choose. There are a variety of shapes and sizes available including circles, half circles, hexagons, trapezoids and triangles to name a few.

Often, smaller shapes are combined in a pattern to enhance a bedroom, den, entry way or hallway. However, all shapes are available as stand-alone in any size needed, and My Texsun has the expertise to design a template to match the exact shape you need for your window remodel. You can use My Texsun Architectural Windows to add a personal touch by including enhanced glass designs. And of course, these My Texsun replacement windows will still provide you and your home with the ultimate in energy efficiency.

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My Texsun Awning Windows are a great replacement window option that provides you with unobstructed views of the outside. Similar to a Casement Window, the Awning Window opens outward from the bottom, and with a sleekly designed handle, you can control the desired amount of ventilation. Awning replacement windows are a great way to increase the ventilation of air in your home no matter the weather. As the window provides an ‘awning effect’ below, rain won’t fly into your home during a downpour.

My Texsun Awning Windows are often used with a Picture Window or in conjunction with another Awning to increase air flow. Awning Replacement Windows are typically used to maximize viewing area in openings that are shorter and more horizontal. However they are used, My Texsun Awning Windows are a beautiful, functional and secure option for your home, and are perfect for the ever-changing Midwest Climate!

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My Texsun Bay Windows offer a breath-taking outward curving design that can add substantial beauty to your home. These windows also add some dimension to the rooms where installed, as they protrude past the wall of your home, creating a bay seat, or ledge area, that enlarges the space of your room. This is created by using at least three separate panes set at different angles, thereby maximizing the light pouring into your home.

My Texsun Bay Windows are constructed using a combination of a Picture Window and either Casement Windows or Double Hung Windows flanking the sides, so you can enjoy the best of light and ventilation with whichever window model styles and sizes you choose. With beautiful glass, hardware and interior woodgrain styling options, you are sure to enjoy the transformational look and durability of My Texsun Replacement Bay and Bow Windows in your home, while still retaining a high Energy Star insulation value for energy efficiency.

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The My Texsun Bay Bow Windows offer a unique outward curving design that can completely transform. These windows also add some dimension to the rooms where installed, as they protrude past the wall of your home, creating a bay seat, or ledge area, that enlarges the space of your room.

A bow window is a curved bay window , usually constructed of 4 or more window pane elements set at different angles, which maximizes light and visibility to your home. My Texsun Bow Windows are comprised of multiple windows of the same size, and can be Picture Windows, Casement Windows or Double Hung Windows to meet your style and ventilation needs. However the combination is designed, you are sure to enjoy the beautiful architectural look and Energy Efficiency savings of My Texsun Replacement Bow Windows in your home

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My Texsun Casement Windows are replacement windows that provide modern design flexibility for window openings where you want to maximize visibility, glass area and functionality. Many people refer to Casement Windows as ‘cranking’ windows, as they have a single handle that is manually turned or cranked. As they open like a door, these windows can catch a breeze from any angle, flowing air into your house.

With a custom choice of either a right or left opening with My Texsun Casement Window, your styling and functionality wishes are unlimited. Plus, the sleek design of the My Texsun Casement handle and hardware lays flush to the window frame so as not to disturb your blinds or window treatments like other cranking handles that protrude out. These elegant windows are frequently found in kitchens over countertops, in narrow window spaces, or used in combination to create a beautiful multiple-opening window spaces.

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My Texsun Double Hung Replacement Windows are often referred to as ‘standard windows’, or ‘up and down windows’. These windows feature two moving sashes and offer delightful ventilation in kitchens, dens, bedrooms and as custom replacement windows for nearly any space in your home. Designed specifically for the upper Midwest climate and exceeding Energy Star requirements, the My Texsun Double Hung replacement window creates a climate controlled barrier between your home and the elements, providing unparalleled comfort for you and your family.

Replacement Double Hung Windows provide wonderful functionality as they vent from either the top, or the bottom. The easy tilting sashes make cleaning both the interior and exterior insulated glass a breeze. All of this functionality can be further be enhanced with a unique design style with our My Texsun Double Hung Oriel option, which has different sized sashes, creating a unique, artistic look and sightline.

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If you are looking to add maximum light, delightful ventilation and actual living space to a room, a Sophia Series Garden Window is a great choice. Very popular in kitchens, living rooms and porches, My Texsun Garden Windows extend past the line of your home, thereby giving you additional shelf and counter space!

Enjoy not only a clear view of your yard or garden, but bring a little garden inside as light pours in from the top and sides, and as air flows in from the dual casement vents. With an insulated seat board, plants will thrive, so a replacement Garden Window is a beautiful way to bring a spectacular living area in to your home.

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Who says a basement has to feel dark and dingy? A Sophia Series Hopper Window (commonly known as a Basement Window,) can lighten and brighten up the lowest level of your home while providing the security and durability of their lower placements. A My Texsun Hopper Window has a single pane that opens inward with a securing latch at the top of the window sash, and has an exterior screen to allow ventilation. Semi-frosted, patterned, energy-efficient privacy glass treatment is also available.

With removal of internal securing links, the entire hopper window sash can be removed for cleaning, maintenance or access to the exterior. Replacing your basement windows with energy efficient Hoppers from My Texsun will better insulate your basement, and makes the often under-utilized space in your home so much more comfortable. It’s time you enjoyed your basement!

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The My Texsun Picture Window provides the greatest amount of visibility in a replacement window. Picture Windows are often called ‘fixed’ windows, as they have no moving parts, and no sashes that open. My Texsun Replacement Picture Windows are commonly used to make Living Rooms and Family Rooms seem larger by allowing light to flood in.

Whether dressed up with grids or left completely clear, a Picture Window makes it seem as if you are bringing the outside indoors. But because all My Texsun windows offer the ultimate in energy efficiency and durable glass strength, while it may look like your room extends into the outdoors, it certainly won’t feel like it. The Picture Window has no ventilation, but when combined with Casement Windows or Double Hung Windows, you have the option to let in fresh air as desired.

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My Texsun Sliding Replacement Windows open horizontally, or ‘slide’ open side to side. Think of it as a Double Hung Window on its side! My Texsun Sliding Windows feature a state-of-the-art slider system that eliminates any binding or sticking. My Texsun ‘Sliders’ can dramatically change the styling and functionality of the window. Sliding windows provide vertical lines and easier opening, especially in window openings that are short and rectangular.

My Texsun Slider windows can be constructed as either a 2-section slider, or as a 3-section slider for wider window openings. And just like its top and bottom cousin the Double Hung, the sashes on the Slider windows allow for maximum ventilation while also tilting-in for easy cleaning. My Texsun Sliding windows are a perfect horizontal replacement window alternative for kitchens, dens, rec rooms and bedrooms